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Make an IMPĀCT that  IMPĀCTS and ELEVĀTES northeast Ohio's youth!


This global generosity movement is focused on the power of people & organizations transforming their communities & the world we live in. 


The commitment to transformation & elevating our community is at the heart of ELEVĀTED DANCE HEADQUARTERS. 


Operating as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, our mission is to elevate dancer’s skills and ability to pursue dance as a career and foster a better life. We know that dance unites people and through the power of movement & art we can make an impact in our community with a ripple effect for future generations. 


This year alone the ELEVĀTED IMPĀCT has extended to Forbes Performance with music artist MGK and dancers featured in his music video, World of Dance Champions, Playhouse Square Performances, and numerous top overall awards & scholarships awarded to dance students.


This year we have a fundraising goal of $100K, which will be used to further our reach in the community through scholarships, program developments, and building maintenance & operations. These funds will help pay for students' travel, training, & allow us to continue to serve our community with skilled instructors in a safe studio environment.


People all over the world love giving back, it would be an honor if you’d consider making an IMPĀCT in our mission to ELEVĀTE the community through dance!


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